The New Craze in Dog Toys: The Pet Treat Ball

Posted by Megan O on

If there's one activity that pretty much trumps everything else in the daily life of a dog, most pet owners would say either  "eating" or "playing." Well, folks, that's about change, because now your pup can enjoy the best two-for-one deal ever: the Pet Treat Ball. Welcome to the wonderful world of eating treats and playing fetch (or more like keep-away) all in one inexpensive toy. In "Woof Woof" universe, that's one serious upgrade. And it's simple too- all you've got to do is...

1) Pick a treat (make sure it's small enough to fit through the holes)

2) Insert treat

3) Toss the treat ball to your furry friend

4) ...Tada! Watch with a smile on your face as your buddy is entertained by the game of getting the treat out. (You'll be surprised how fast he/she will figure it out!)

This interactive toy comes in two sizes (medium and large), so small, medium, and large dogs can all join in on the fun. And don’t worry, you over protective fur parent- all treat balls are made with certified non-toxic plastic. Did I mention it’s a teeth cleaning toy, too? (Score!)

So go ahead, click here to spoil your dog even more (if that’s possible) with a fun challenge that leads to a very tasty reward at the end.

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